Our day at the Oregon Human Society (OHS) was very interesting! First of all, it was surprising to see the grandeur of the animal shelter. In fact, “animal shelter” is by no means a fitting description. A university extension campus, (OHS is partnered with Oregon State University), is more apropos! 

Here are 10 surprising facts about OHS.

  1. OHS began in 1868 as a horse sanctuary, so it is around 150 years old. It is the oldest humane society in the west.
  2. Besides protecting animals, OHS was also an orphanage for children. But no orphans are found there now :).
  3. OHS has a youth volunteer program for children 12 and up. The requirement is two hours every two weeks.
  4. Before the pandemic, annual adoptions from OHS were 11,000. After the pandemic, annual adoption are around 7,000. That is still a lot!
  5. There are around 200 on-site animals at OHS, AND around 200 off-site animals in foster-care homes.

6. OHS is funded completely by private donations. This means it can have a stronger voice in legislation without having to be controlled by the state.

7. Six veterinarians are on staff at OHS, supervising university vet students as they care and perform surgeries on the animals.

8. Currently OHS is building a new complex next to its facility–an animal hospital for low income families, and a behavior modification center for animals.

9. Did you know that a cat can multiply into 700 cats in its lifetime! That’s a lot! A cat can get pregnant at eight weeks! That’s why neutering and spaying is important.

10. OHS has a wooded walking trail, a rose garden, a large pet cemetery, a surgical center, and more! 

Caring for animals is an assignment that God gave to humans, since the beginning of time. Highest Education is going to include a Caring for Animals class in its curriculum. View the beginnings of the class below.