Welcome to Highest Education!

Highest Education’s mission is to guide families upward to Christ through parent training, character-building classes, and recreational experiences.

Nearly all families today are affected by trauma and/or by secularization.

Child traumas (such as ACE's–adverse childhood experiences), and the impact of secularization (where people live apart from Christ) can be prevented and reversed when community members pull together to create opportunities for children and their families. 

William Hurtado, in partnership with faith-based communities and individuals like yourself, works to blend education, the Gospel, and recreation to bring health and spiritual vitality to people's lives.

Beyond programs, Highest Education communicates the message that
"looking up is better than looking down,"

that working for your personal best is better than throwing away your potential.
William Hurtado, through Highest Education, speaks hope and courage,
because with God, all things can be overcome!

Parent Training
Character Education