Welcome to Highest Education!

Highest Education trains families to fulfill their most important calling. It supports communities in equipping parents to raise their children in honorable ways. As a donor-funded ministry, Highest Education partners with individuals and organizations to train parents in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

For Both Secular and Faith-Based Groups.

All households–regardless of race, religious affiliation, or economic status–need loving guidance toward best practices in parenting. Highest Education trains parents with the right message according to the context, whether it is a public setting or a private group. “Preparing for Heaven” for faith-based groups, for example, is “preparing for your best future” for secular groups.

Nearly all families today are affected by trauma and/or demoralization.

Child traumas (such as ACE's–adverse childhood experiences), and the impact of demoralization (where people lose sight of community moral codes) can be prevented and reversed when community members pull together to create opportunities for children and their families. 

William Hurtado, in partnership with community organizations and individuals like yourself, works to bring family health and vitality to people's lives.

"Let Love be Your Highest Goal!" 1 Corinthians 14:1