Summer Program

Here’s a quick look at what’s happening in JUNE! Lots of fun!
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We love Jesus here at COOL Camp and we’re not afraid to show it! It is our hope to share our love of God and His love for us with each and every camper. Campstarts off with worship and ends with worship every day. We also have a wonderful prayer room where campers will be encouraged to draw close to God through writing, drawing, reading, and being still in prayer. We can’t forget counselor time, a chance for counselors to engage with their campers in meaningful discussion and activity.

Swimming Lessons
Safety first, then speed! Our partnership with Southern Adventist University’s Hulsey Wellness Center provides swimming lessons at no extra cost for every camper. Campers learn from Red Cross certified instructors who give them confidence around water and sharpen their swimming skills.

Free Time Options

  • Pool- free swim at the Hulsey Wellness Pool
  • Game Room – pool, air hockey, ping pong, fusbol
  • Gym – basketball, dodgeball, kickball, volleyball
  • Playground/Field – swings, slides, jungle gym, football, soccer
  • Water Play – Slip-n-slide, creek, water balloons
  • Prayer Room – indoor and outdoor
  • Activity Room – Legos, drawing, board games, crafts

Family Groups
Family Groups is an opportunity for all of COOL Camp to come together and play! Campers of all ages are divided into “families”. “Families” will work together as a team to complete fun tasks and compete against other “families”. This is a great opportunity for our older campers to grow in leadership as they give special care to the younger members of their “family”. With Family Groups we truly hope to grow together as a real COOL Camp family!

Cohutta Springs
Zip-Line! BLOB! Water Slide! Half of our field trips will be off-site at Cohutta Springs Youth Camp for high adrenaline activities like the zip-line, flying chair, blob, water slide, canoeing, creek exploration, and the rope swing. This extra awesome feature is for our campers at no additional cost.

• $40 voucher for a full week at Cohutta Springs after four paid weeks at COOL Camp
*other field trips to be announced 

Other Field Trips

CLUBS – Campers will rotate through our four clubs with their age group
Ready, Set, Grow! This summer at COOL Camp we will have our very own garden on site! Our campers will experience produce from seed to mouth. Yum! Gardening has so much to teach us about our Creator’s love. Other things to look forward to in Power Garden include

  • Composting with worms
  • Fun water play games
  • Field trips to our local farmer’s market
  • Healthy treats in the kitchen


Studio Kids is a time to enhance music, drama, and creative writing. Our fun activities will encourage our campers to grow in confidence as they share their songs, drama, poems, and music videos with others for the glory of God!

It’s tinkering time! This is an opportunity for campers to roll up their sleeves and get to work having fun! Through fun projects and freestyle tinkering, our campers will build their very own creations. With so many tools to use their creativity will be able to blossom!

  • Electronics, soldering, circuits
  • Cardboard, paper, scissors, glue
  • Hammers, nails, drills, screws, saws, wood
  • Fabric, needles, thread, sewing machine

Young entrepreneurs. Big ideas. Our campers are servant leaders in the making. Every camper will discover how faith and money go together, and when they need to be apart. They will learn about making and saving money, and how to use entrepreneurship to do God’s work on Earth.

  • Fundraising, lemonade stands, and other cash producing activities
  • Acts of service for the community and church family
  • Door-to-door and person-to-person interpersonal skills development