The Theory that Fuels Us Upward  

The 3 R’s are well known–Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic.   Adventure Days is about learning character and life skills that go beyond the 3 R’s. Here is what Adventure Days active learning looks like using a hierarchy of needs model and William’s own Highest Education’s model.

What did “Highest Education” look like in Bible times according to Ellen G. White? “The schools of the prophets were founded by Samuel to serve as a barrier against the widespread corruption, to provide for the moral and spiritual welfare of the youth, and to promote the future prosperity of the nation by furnishing it with men qualified to act in the fear of God as leaders and counselors.  As they communed with God and studied His word and His works, wisdom from above was added to their natural endowments.” -Christian Education, page 58.  Highest Education deflect societal clutter by engaging families in faith-building adventure experiences!

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