Plan Your Mission with ICC

We are excited that you are planning a mission experience for your group.  Humanitarian missions is what we are all about.  Blend in adventure and spiritual discovery, and we are in for an impactful mission experience.

  • Highest Education is William Hurtado’s educational mechanism to connect your group to the humanitarian needs of International Children’s Care, or ICC.  ICC reaches out to hundreds of abandoned children around the world by providing homes and families for them. It has a tremendous network of orphan home campuses in 12 different countries.  William works for ICC and supports it because their orphanage homes are lighthouses not only to the children who live there but to the impoverished communities around them.

Your first mission is to decide what country to travel to.  William will help you with this by presenting the mission trip details to you.  This is where ICC works and who’s engaged in the work.

Your second mission is to get approval for the location and dates from your operating board. 

Then, gather parents, teachers, students and community members who are interested for an informational meeting.  Here is the mission information sheet packet for ICC’s upcoming mission trip in March.  William will customize one like it for your group.

Dominican Republic fact sheet & application packet