Love & Logic® Parenting

We are excited to offer some of the best in parenting techniques: Parenting the Love and Logic Way®.  Why take a dive into Love and Logic®?

  1. Parenting the Love and Logic Way® is designed to teach parents how to raise kids who are respectful, responsible, and fun-to-be-with. It unlocks the secrets of successful parenting!
  2. Love and Logic® has been helping families raise great kids for 40 years.  We know how challenging it is to raise kids, and we want to help you do the best job possible.
  3. Participants will receive practical, easy-to-use techniques that work, not just a lot of theory.

Love and Logic® is for soon-to-be parents, parents, grandparents, teachers, caregivers, youth workers, and those involved with children of all ages, from toddler to teenager to adult.

William Hurtado offers two courses.

Parenting the Love and Logic Way® is a six session parenting course.  Please note that while you are free to miss as many sessions as necessary, you are registering for all six dates.

D2D Parenting Group with Love and Logic® is a 6-12 session parenting course.

The words discipline and discipleship are so similar it’s hard to distinguish between the two. This similarity did not happen by accident!  Only as we disciPLINE our children–as we establish the right foundation of friendship and authority, can we disciPLE them–train them to follow Jesus.  How can we disciple our children if they are not well disciplined? That’s why D2D is so important!

In the D2D Parenting Group with Love and Logic® you will…

  1. Find the power to remain calm and choose a different method–There is a better way than punishment and yelling!
  2. Learn how to keep cool when parenting heats up–Get tips for staying loving and in control.
  3. Receive practical how-to’s that will affect your entire family and generations to come.

In a small-group style, parents, educators, youth workers and anyone interested in training for eternity will come together to support, strengthen, and sharpen each other.  They will use the Holy Scriptures and Love and Logic® principles which work for children of any age, even adult children.

This website is not associated with or sponsored by the Love and Logic Institute, Inc.  Love and Logic® is a registered trademark of the Love and Logic Institute, Inc.  Love and Logic® was founded by Jim Fay and Foster W. Cline, M.D., with continued creative and operational direction by Charles Fay, Ph.D.  It is based on the experience of a combined total of over 100 years working with and raising kids and is based on a psychologically sound parenting and teaching philosophy called Love and Logic® .  For more information please go to or call 800-338-4065.