Here are three fundraising activities that you can do on your own, with your family, and with your  friends

1. Jar Fundraiser!


  • Gather one to five jars of any size.
  • Get the mission sticker from the CAYA office or print out your own. Color it!
  • Write a note, similar to the sample in the photo, and include it in your display.
  • Keep track and turn in the donations!

Sample in a business


2. Door-2-Door

Safety notes: Always think safety.  Make sure your parents are well informed.  It’s highly advisable that you have another person with you.  Don’t go inside unless you know it is totally a safe place.

  • Put on school uniform or CAYA wear to win credibility.
  • Introduce yourself with a smile
  • Say that you will be going on a mission trip to Nicaragua in March and you are seeking the support of the community.
  • “Have you ever gone on a mission-humanitarian trip?”  Listen, and share your own experience.
  • “No donation is too small; I hope to go on this mission trip thanks to people like you.”
  • “Please, would you help me?”  Allow them to respond.
  • “I promise your money will be well used.  My church can send you a tax-deductible receipt”
  • Give them a form letter to fill out if they would like.
  • Thank them for letting them share.

3. Letter-writing!

Click here for letter writing instructions.

Click here for the donation slip