Nicaragua Mission

Hello fellow humanitarians!

February 24 – March 10, 2019, when we were planning to return to Nicaragua, is approaching!

Since mid-April, many of us have been watching Nicaragua’s political situation, and we have been praying for the people we know there.  It has been our goal to return to Nicaragua in 2019, but because the country is still unstable politically, we are not planning to return next year.  However, we hope to return at a later date when the country re-stabilizes.

I am working on a future mission experience that we can all be apart of.  Please stay connected and we will see how God shows up and shows off through us.  

Do start to prepare in your heart and mind.  

  • Continue to save up and fundraise.  Every dollar saved counts! Part of our mission trip cost will include a monetary gift to our Nicaragua brothers and sisters.  
  • Remember, all are invited! Specially family units, parent with their children.

Why go on mission trips?  Because “It is acquaintance that awakens sympathy, and sympathy is the spring of effective ministry. To awaken in the children and youth sympathy and the spirit of sacrifice for the suffering millions in the ‘regions beyond,’ let them become acquainted with these lands and their peoples. In this line much might be accomplished in our schools. Instead of dwelling on the exploits of the Alexanders and Napoleons of history, let the pupils study the lives of such men as the apostle Paul and Martin Luther, as Moffat and Livingstone and Carey, and the present daily-unfolding history of missionary effort. Instead of burdening their memories with an array of names and theories that have no bearing upon their lives, and to which, once outside the schoolroom, they rarely give a thought, let them study all lands in the light of missionary effort and become acquainted with the peoples and their needs.” – Education p.270

Mission trips, done well, are transformative experiences.  Let’s keep planning to experience one soon!