“Education” Book Summary

Education is a classic book authored in 1903 by Ellen G. White (1827-1915) who is one of the most widely translated American authors.  She wrote more than 100,000 pages on a wide variety of spiritual and practical topics and her works have been published in more than 160 languages. .Guided by the Holy Spirit, she exalted Jesus and pointed to the Scriptures as the basis of one’s faith.

Education proposes the unique and challenging idea that “the work of education and the work of redemption are one.” The ultimate goal of all learning should be to understand more about our Creator-Redeemer and to apply that understanding in our personal lives. This and other guiding principles help parents, students, and teachers understand what defines true education in its broadest sense.

Would you like a more concise version of the book Education?  Here it is!  This section trims sections down by cutting away repeated ideas.  The original text is preserved and only transitional phrases are added to help blend ideas together seamlessly.  If these concepts were understood and applied, Christian education would be attractively different.  As one educator said, “if we desire to make a difference in the world, we must be different from the world.”