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Parent Volunteers


For Highest Education co-op members who volunteer to make the co-op the best possible! The volunteer requirement is 1-3 hrs per week.

Parent Attends / per Month*


* The price for membership is $25.00 per Month.
This is for parents who want to enjoy the Highest Education co-op without needing to do extra work to help prepare for co-op events. The $25 cost is for the entire family!

Drop-Off Your Child


For parents who need extra time for personal errands, and who feel comfortable dropping-off their child at the Highest Education co-op. The cost is $40 per child.
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The Highest Education Co-Op is a Wednesday afternoon parent cooperative giving kids essential elements of a well-rounded and biblically-based educa...
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Dr. Raymond Moore was a Seventh-day Adventist educator who was instrumental in introducing homeschooling to America and abroad. Often called the “g...
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