Core Subjects Goals

While Adventure Days is technically a home-school study group with personal coaching–not a school or a daycare–we focus on important life subjects that really matter. Here they are below!

✅Scripture – Bible, prayer journal, 30-day calendar for daily Proverb, memorize Scripture, G.O.S.P.E.L. Sketchbook

✅Nature & Recreation – Intro to mountain biking, Creeking, Bicycling, rock-climbing, and more.

✅ Service – Planning events for the disadvantaged, learning about ministry.

✅ Anatomy & Physiology – Learning about the body holistically helps take care and respect one’s body.

✅ Gardening & Plants – Participating in the Creator’s work, staying connected to our origins, parable of our lives.

✅ Animals “The occupation most favorable to development—the care of plants and animals.” Education by EGW

✅Music, Second Language & Arts – Conversational Spanish, Violin/Piano/Guitar, paints/Song – As the people journeyed through the wilderness, many precious lessons were fixed in their minds by means of song.”  Education.

✅Culture – World travel…planning for a mission trip!

✅Performance – Becoming comfortable with one’s life as a public witness.

✅Food & Health – Basic cooking skills with nutrition as a priority.

✅Life Skills – Networking, organization, house management, character development.

✅ Entrepreneurship/Vocational Training – Fundraising events.