Adventure Days

Adventure Days is a Wednesday program that gives parents a much needed break and fills children’s school program with adventure. At Adventure Days, parents can join-in for free or drop-off their child for a fee.

At Adventure Days, participants get

  • Parent Flex Time – The paid option allows for parents to take care of their personal needs while their children are with the Adventure Days group. This is a great way to stay fresh with the family.
  • Regularly Scheduled P.E. – Having regularly scheduled recreation with Adventure Days gives you the peace of mind that your child is getting their much needed physical exercise.
  • Group Discounts at Recreational Venues – With an organized group, more adventures can be taken at discounted rates. Wildwaves, skiing, rock climbing–Even with online programs, like IXL.
  • Resource Sharing – Life is much sweeter as families share talents and resources through the Co-Up.
  • Focus on Important “Life” Subjects – Increased time for subjects such as scripture, nature, service, anatomy & physiology, evangelism, gardening, and music.
  • Service Project Opportunities – The brain energy to organize the outreach events is there for you to tap into and benefit your children with.
  • Community – A christian-based group of people coming together to honor God with how they are raising their children–that is a goal to strive for!

Here are Recent Adventure Days!

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