Smartdating for Couples

Here is a date-night challenge to make your relationship stronger.

Highest Education’s Smartdate is where you and your significant other intentionally learn something good while enjoying each other’s company. 

Smartdating is easy–as simple as five steps!

  1. Plan on going to the coffee shop, restaurant, or comfortable place to sit and spend time together.

  2. Order your food, or simply enjoy chatting about all things life.

  3. Open your device to the smartdate challenge of the month ( Watch the video below & answer a few questions. This usually takes 30-45 mins.

  4. While Smartdating hopefully challenges your comfort zone, remember to keep it 100% relational! Avoid falling into talk that triggers hurt and potentially creates conflict. It’s okay to skip a question or focus on something different.

Smartdate Challenge of the Month