Advisory Board


Without wise leadership, a nation [a ministry] falls; there is safety in having many advisers.


Each member has been hand-picked for their passion and experience in family, education, business, and ministry.

David Gasser

Naturally gifted in coaching, business owner, and local community member

Joan Payne

Chair of Laurelwood Academy Inc, lifelong educator and school administrator, and Highest Education donor.

Randy Akrawi

Passionate about education, parent, business owner, and Highest Education donor.

Michel F. Leo

A five-star homeschooling parent, spouse of business owner, and initiator of the Portland Homeschooling Facebook Group.

Jennifer Darrow

Homeschooling parent, business owner, natural educator, and Highest Education donor.

William Pritchard

Business owner, deeply spiritual man and a father to the community.

Advisor Board Goals:

  1. Meet with leadership monthly or bi-monthly to review Highest Education goals. Listen, encourage, challenge, dream, support, provide sound advise.
  2. Meet with the advisory board bi-annually to synergize on larger steps forward. Understand the global view and make recommendations for God-sized success.
  3. Help make Highest Education self-sustainable. Consider a model that blesses families and that keeps the ministry financially afloat.
Thank you Advisory Board for your contribution to families in need of strong support!

Be a part of the solution

Join advisory members by investing in family discipleship.